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If your teeth are missing and you would like to have those gaps filled with real looking teeth that last a long time, dental implants are your solution. Dr. Deedreea Rich offers gentle dentistry procedures and high quality dental implants at her Orange County office in Newport Beach, California.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are false teeth that are screwed into your mouth to act like natural teeth that fill in the gaps. With an implant, the new tooth will have a firm foundation in your mouth and will fuse with the jaw bone. They are more comfortable than a removable denture and the chewing motion will be the same as before you had your dental work done. Since the implant is anchored to the jaw bone, no other teeth have to be modified. This is different than a dental bridge which requires the two surrounding teeth to be fitted with crowns and a pontic between them to fill in the gap.

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Dental Implants are Stronger

Dental implants are stronger than any type of dental bridge that may be used. This procedure is perfect when used as a replacement for a missing tooth or one that had to be removed. During your new smile, the new implant will look and feel like a natural tooth. The color of the new tooth can be matched with the existing ones by your dentist. Your doctor Deedreea Rich DDS is highly skilled at matching teeth color, and you are sure to be pleased with your results.

Types of Dental Implants

There are many materials today that can be used in the construction of your implant. The porcelain implant is the one that will look the most natural once it is in place. No one will realize you have a false tooth. This is also the strongest and safest to have. In fact, at our office, this is the only type of implant we utilize.

In the past, many patients had their implants made of gold. Gold was used because it is a soft and malleable metal. Some people like the fact that they have gold in their mouth.

The biggest disadvantage of having a gold tooth is that if it is next to a tooth with a silver amalgam filling, a small electrical current can be produced. This will cause pain for the patient. A gold tooth is also the most expensive replacement tooth, and does not have the natural look most patients desire.

The newest type of dental implants are made with plastic resin, but the long-term effectiveness is questionable.

The dental implant is the best replacement tooth a person can have to restore their appearance and function in their mouth. Quality dental implants will look and feel just like real teeth and will last for a long time with proper care.

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