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 If you are missing one or more teeth a quality dental bridge can do wonders for your smile. Our Orange County office has supplied many of our patients with dental bridges that work well. Having a properly fitting dental bridge will improve the health of your mouth by allowing nearby teeth to remain in place while the space of the missing tooth can be prepped for an implant. With a new bridge in place, your process of chewing will be enhanced through the equal distribution of force on your teeth and you will have more comfort. Deedreea Rich DDS has provided quality dentistry for over two decades, and will assess if you are a great candidate for a dental bridge.

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 The Types of Dental Bridges We Offer:

 There are three types of bridges our dentist can place in your mouth to replace missing teeth. Each one is made for a specific purpose and situation to match our patient’s teeth.

Traditional Bridge

This bridge is used when there is a missing tooth that has existing teeth on both sides. The two teeth on the sides of the gap will have a crown placed on each one with a pontic between them to fill in the space of the missing tooth. The crowns and pontic are made out of either metal and porcelain or ceramic. This is the most common type of bridge.

Cantilever Bridge

This bridge is used when there is only one tooth next to the missing tooth or space like when a molar is missing. Many dentists do not recommend this type of bridge due to the additional force place on the tooth with the new crown because it might damage other teeth.

Maryland Bonded Bridge

This type of bridge does not place crowns on the teeth next to the gap, but instead places wings on the pontic that are fused to the surrounding teeth. The wings can be either metal or porcelain.

Lifespan of a Dental Bridge

With good oral care by the patient most bridges last 10 to 15 years before they will need to be replaced.

Proper care for a Dental Bridge

In order to take proper care of your new bridge it is recommended that you brush at least twice a day and floss. It is also recommended that antiseptic mouthwash is used on a daily basis to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Dental bridges are used to restore your missing teeth so you can chew as you did before the teeth came out.

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