Looking for a Durable Dental Crown in Orange County?

The best way to save a tooth that has become damaged is with a dental crown. This makes it possible to keep a tooth after a large cavity has deteriorated it and a massive filling is needed or a root canal is performed on the tooth. Durable dental crowns will ensure your tooth which has been drilled and saved can now be preserved longer. Dr. Deedreea Rich has fitted dental crowns custom made in her in-house lab for over twenty years. If your tooth needs a dental crown that looks and feels right, then come visit our office today.

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What is a Dental Crown?

This type of prosthesis is a cover to protect what is left of a tooth after the decay from a cavity has been removed. The crown itself can be made of porcelain or a metal base with a ceramic shell on top. When attached to what is left of the tooth, the remaining tooth is protected from bacteria so it will remain healthy.

Why a Dental Crown is placed over a Tooth

A tooth can become damaged over time by developing cracks. The surface of the tooth can also be covered with decay that has to be removed. The dental crown can be used to hold a cracked tooth together. If the decay was massive and a large amount of the tooth has to be removed, a crown can be placed over the tooth so it can be used for the purpose of chewing food again. The crown is also made of harder material than that of a filling so it is more stable and longer lasting than a filling.

Is Your Old Dental Crown Loose?

There are several ways a crown can become loose once they are cemented into place. One way is if there is any space between the crown and your gum. This can cause the cement to be washed away over time which leads to the crown becoming loose and falling off. If a crown falls off, a visit to your dentist is mandatory. We would love to welcome you to our office in Newport Beach where we can replace your old dental crown for one of our durable and comfortable crowns.

If the Tooth is Sensitive

In rare occasions the tooth will remain sensitive after a crown is in place. You can clean your teeth with tooth paste designed for sensitive teeth to remove some of the discomfort.

If pain occurs during the chewing motion, the crown might be too high compared to the surrounding teeth. If this is true in your case, your dentist should be notified so the proper clearance can be obtained. By having a dental crown protecting your tooth, you will be able to chew the same foods as you could before this prosthesis was put in place. Best of all it your tooth will no longer develop a cavity, but you should still be vigilant in cleaning it along with the rest of your teeth.

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