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We Offer Snoring & Sleep Apnea Solutions

We offer snoring and sleep apnea solutions to patients that have this. Our Orange County office is well equipped to help you with this serious sleep disorder issue.

Lots of people, men and women, snore. There are many reasons why. Regardless of the cause, snoring can be reduced or eliminated. Snoring by itself is not a serious threat to your health. But when snoring is accompanied by periods of sleep apnea (where the snorer stops breathing during sleep) serious and even life-threatening health problems may arise.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, contact Dr. Rich for a consultation today!

Sleep Apnea can be Deadly

In addition to causing daytime sleepiness, brain fog, irritability and fatigue, sleep apnea can lead to a heart attack or stroke when the brain does not receive enough oxygen. People with sleep apnea often awaken multiple times throughout the night gasping for air because they’ve stopped breathing in their sleep.

Dental Solutions for Snoring & Sleep Apnea

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends oral appliances as a treatment for snoring and sleep apnea. This is welcome news for family dentistry and people who cannot tolerate wearing CPAP devices, which have been the standard treatment for sleep apnea for decades. Oral appliances have several advantages over CPAP machines and masks:

  • they fit entirely inside the mouth
  • they do not make noise that might disturb others
  • they allow the wearer to change sleep positions naturally
  • they are portable and can be used more easily when traveling
  • they have no special parts that require cleaning or replacement

The anti-snoring dental appliance works by opening the wearer's bite and gently moving the lower jaw forward to increase breathing space. These custom anti-snoring and sleep apnea appliances are only available from medical and dental professionals. If you or someone in your household has a snoring problem or sleep apnea, ask Dr. Rich if an appliance is right for you.

Snore no more thanks to general dentist Deedreea Rich, DDS. Schedule your preferred appointment at 949-386-8434 or use our Request an Appointment form. Our snoring and sleep apnea patients come to us from Huntington Beach, Irvine, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and close-by Orange County communities.

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