Seeking Comfortable Dentures in Orange County?


If you are looking for the most comfortable dentures in Orange County, we can provide you with various options and custom solutions. Dr. Deedreea Rich has been practicing restorative dentistry for over twenty years and is a true expert in providing gentle and exceptional dental care. At our serene Newport Beach dental office, we will accommodate you with top quality full or partial dentures that feel like your natural teeth.

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 We Offer Natural Full and Partial Dentures that Fit Well

 If you are in need of dentures, we offer top quality full or partial dentures that fit perfectly. Using only the most durable materials created in our own in-house lab, we can even fix your current dentures so they look, fit, and feel better. Your dentures should provide you with the ability to eat and speak comfortably. To this end we offer implant-retained denture options, as this will provide you with a more stable fit and enjoyment when you chew.

 Are You New to Teeth Replacements?

 We are ready to accommodate you. Perhaps you are not quite sure if dentures are the best option for you. Dr. Rich is highly skilled at making sure your teeth replacements will be extremely comfortable and be the perfect fit. Dentures in general are removable replacements that substitute as tissue and teeth in a patient’s mouth and gum region. If several teeth are missing in an area, a partial denture may be used. However, if all teeth are missing, then a complete set of full dentures would be very beneficial to have.

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 What are Immediate Dentures?

 Immediate dentures are the placement of a set of dentures used at the same time the last of the teeth were pulled. These are made in advance and provide our patients with the ability to chew as they did before the procedure during the healing process.

As the gums heal they will shrink and the immediate dentures will have to be adjusted so they continue to fit properly. For each of our patients the time for the adjustment is different until full healing occurs in about 2 to 3 months.

Conventional Dentures

This is the new set of teeth each of our patients receive once the healing process is completed. This will provide you with a beautiful smile and a stable foundation to chew food again.

How Custom Dentures are Made

New teeth are made by our dental assistant who take a series of impressions of your gum line and jaw. Then these impressions will be sent to our in-house lab and a custom cast will be made consisting of wax or plastic. Once a model is created, you will be asked to assess your comfort level with them. If you are happy and comfortable with your model, we will make the final casting.  

Cleaning Dentures

Just like your original teeth, you will need to clean your new dentures on a regular basis. It is advised that after each meal the new teeth are removed and inspected to make sure no food particles are stuck between any of the teeth. Your mouth and the replacement teeth should be rinsed before reinsertion. Dentures should be brushed at least once a day, and at night, they should be removed from your mouth and soaked in a cleaning solution.

Discover restorative smile health with Deedreea E. Rich DDS. Schedule your preferred appointment at 949-640-5680 or use our Request an Appointment form. Most of our restorative dentistry patients come from Huntington Beach, Irvine, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and neighboring Orange County locations.

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